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My title, i don't have one yet, but lets dig to the story

It's about a game called Terraria. well you might be wondering what the heck is Terraria. Its an exploration game, with building, fighting, and digging. just read on my experiences before you start playing. Terraria is an scary, fun, VERY INTERESTING, game that I used to play and love. you can check and play it too right here--------->Terraria.

If you still want to see what retarded,amazing, and funny things that happened, please continue to read.

THE GREEK BIOME(trash heading)

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The first 2 hours of the game

i found medusa. Medusa was one of the monsters in the greek biome, and her signature attack was when she summoned her snakes; everyone in her sight turns to stone. Me and Amir were mining some strange red material, i think was ruby or something like that.And then out of nowhere a boulder crushed Amir, after amir died i decided to wait for him to respawn. So i decided to keep searching for platinum ore. Than i came into a cave with a white wall, This was known as the marble cave. After a minute or two, an ugly ass monster appeared and turned her own friends into stone 😂🤣. AND THEN IT GOT CRUSHED BY A BOULDER!

The jungle

soon after